Alternative Beach in Bali’s newest unique daytime hangout, right in the heart of Canggu. It opened its doors to the public in December 2018 and now has a flow of travellers, digital nomads, yogis and foodies looking to relax and soak in the chill-out vibes. An incredibly exciting project, Alternative Beach differentiates itself from the competition by being the only all-encompassing day club in Bali offering hostel accommodation (Kos One Hostel), private rooms (Canggu Village Accommodation), a café (Eat Me), and a day club, all in one place.

A typical sunset will see you perched up on the café deck, floating around on a bean bag in the pool or nabbing one of the seats at the swim up pool bar with a cocktail in hand, some fantastic beats coming from the DJ booth and a relaxed gathering of guests. Their range of signature cocktails is hard to look past. Whether you opt for the tangy ‘Mick Jagger’ containing jagermeister, orange fresh and raspberry or the sweet ‘Booty Call’ comprised of light rum, apple sour, strawberry and framboise, they have something to cater for every taste bud.

We care about the environment and you should too! We are all about sustainable living and believe passionately in ‘giving something back’ to our beautiful island home. In keeping with that ideal, 50 percent of our electricity requirement during the day is generated through solar energy. We minimize the use of harmful single use plastics and have used as much recycled wood, as possible throughout our buildings and are constantly seeking new ways to care and improve our impact on the environment.

Pair your drink with some of Eat Me’s enticing meal options, ranging from a healthy tuna poke bowl with market fresh ingredients, a mouth-watering thai dressing and sprinkled with lemon and sesame seeds, to the hearty cheese filled burgers that are a sure fire way to kill any hangover. The open-air café sits on the second floor of the main building and overlooks the mesmerizing swimming pool.